Frequently asked questions

 Common questions go here, because weddings can be a crazy time and you might even forget to ask these questions. If you think of any others, fire away! The goal is for this to be an easy decision for you!


HECK YES! I'm not going to lie, I love that elopements are becoming more sought after! I want in! Let me know your plans!

DO you travel?

Of Course I do!! I'm a Vancouver Island girl living in Northern BC so I am here, there, and in between ALL the time! I've also travelled to Mexico twice to photograph weddings there. I do ask for travel and accommodation coverage but try to make it as reasonable as possible.

My dream destinations: ICELAND, IRELAND, OREGON, NEW ZEALAND, UTAH, LAKE LOUISE, ALASKA. (So, pretty much everywhere!) Please send me a message if you are in or eloping/travelling to any of these places I need to see! 

Do you have a preferred Vendors list?

I have worked with so many of the wedding industry greats! I would love to share these names with you. Be sure to tell me which shoes you are looking to fill in your area and I will give you all my recommendations! 

How many Images will we receive and how long does it take?

Typically, I deliver 60-70 images per hour of a wedding day - that runs around 500 images for a full day. You will receive high resolution images and for optimal printing quality, seek out a professional grade printer. (I can also help with this!)

Images are delivered 6-10 weeks after the wedding. BUT you will see several teasers on Instagram and Facebook  throughout that time. 

Do you recommend a second photographer?

I am mainly a one woman show, but I thoroughly enjoy bringing on a second photographer for day of coverage. I definitely recommend it. I have an impressive list of go-to's for this job! Having another professional there with me ensures that you get even more angles covered, and even more moments are captured. 

SHould we do an engagement session?

Yes yes yes! 90% of my clients tell me they are unphotogenic or awkward. This is why you are hiring a professional! I'm almost certain you are not as awkward as you think you are so let me prove this to you during the engagement session. You will get to know me (and all my quirks) and together we will make magic. You are investing a lot in these images, so it always helps to take out the jitter before the big show. 

How Do we book you?

Hurray! You've decided we are a good fit together and I'm pretty excited about it! I will give you a contract to sign and I do require a $1000 retainer fee to lock it all in place! Let's make some magic!