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"The most important thing for my husband and myself was to have a photographer that we got along with, one that we would be able to spend the majority of the most important day of our lives with and not even mind. Caity is exactly that person and then some. We not only got along with her - we ended up wishing she could join us for the celebrations afterwards! 

From our first phone call she was a delight - very easy to talk to but also incredibly helpful when it came to suggestions such as timeline and order of events for the day.  On the day of she did a phenomenal job of using the limited time to create a swath of photos that make it seem like she was in several places at once. Her photos captured so much of the joy and love of our wedding day that they have been a pleasure to look over again and again and again. 

We will cherish her photos forever, and could not recommend her enough as a hardworking and personable photographer. Also if it is going to rain on your wedding day - you have never seen someone who has mastered the umbrella-camera technique quite like Caity!


Kirsten and Sean | Kelowna, BC | August 2015

"You only get one chance to pick a photographer for your wedding, and we happened to pick the best in the business. Without a doubt, Caity's portfolio is filled with candid and naturally beautiful photos that captures the love between family and friends. This was exactly what we were looking for in a photographer. 

After our engagement shoot, we were both blown away with how easy Caity made the process by talking us through each frame and making sure we were enjoying and laughing through the entire experience. This was no different on the day of the wedding. It was evident that she embraced our family and friends just as much as she embraced us, something we appreciated very much. My bridesmaid ended up booking Caity for her own wedding after seeing how wonderful Caity made our day - that is a true testament to who she is and how comfortable she makes people feel. 

One week later, we had a handful of photos that we simply fell in love with. We were so thankful to get a taste of what she captured only days after our wedding as we were able to share with friends and family who were unable to make it. When the entire album was sent to us, each and every photo captured the love we felt that day and we are so blessed to have these photos as memories for the rest of our lives. Caity deserves all the awards and accolades for her inspiring work as a wedding photographer."


Brad and amy | ucluelet, BC | July 2015

Caity was so accommodating and positive that you made my day stress free and fun! I had no fears or doubts about her because you have such a positive reputation. My only regret was that we couldn't hang out more and be friends because she an amazing person!

One of our favourite parts about having Caity as our photographer was that she had a really great knowledge of Ucluelet. Because of that she took us around to some really nice areas and we have some unreal scenery for our wedding pictures. The pictures turned out so great and everyone was so impressed.

I recommend Caity to everyone I know that is getting married. But I really think her pictures speak for themselves - that and she have such a great personality it was a pleasure to spend the day with her.



Nicole and Claudio | TSAWWASSEN,BC | January 2015

My husband and I were so pleased with our decision to go with Caity McCulloch Photography for the most important day of our lives! As a graphic designer, my husband wanted to find someone with a natural and candid style to their photography. We also hoped for a photographer who could shoot creatively and capture moments rather than create cliche'd and staged wedding shots. We were not disappointed. Not only did Caity's photos deliver on all of these points, but she was a true pleasure to work with! Engaged, prompting (you may need this) and excited in the planning stages- we felt secure that Caity understood what our day would entail given that our service was not the usual wedding being a traditional Ukrainian Catholic ceremony.
Although we were a little chaotic in our planning for the day, Caity was totally un-fussed and professional and offered flexibility and suggestions to work around our schedule.
Throughout the day and following the wedding we have had multiple members of our families, friends and the bridal party comment on how fabulous Caity was during the day, by starting the shoots of wedding dress, shoes, getting ready area while the bride was stuck in makeup to calling family together for group pictures to providing directions to the limo driver...
Friends who have been in wedding parties before and who have photographer friends have noted that Caity has a passion for wedding photography, which is quite rare to find in the field!
Receiving the discs in the mail was such an exciting event! We loved the detail and effort put into the presentation of our packages, that in itself is a keepsake. The images were plentiful and in excellent quality! We know it will be very difficult to create an album from this because it will mean not being able to include each wonderfully captured memory! There was no need for a second photographer as Caity was able to capture all of the necessary shots as well as a huge variety of bonus candid shots! Black and white and colour, high res and low, there is an amazing assortment which are easy to share in so many ways!
Caity provides fantastic value for money in comparison to local Vancouver photographers whose standard of photography is in no way superior to Caity's!
Caity is truly exceptional!
Lots of love, Nicole and Claudio Vecchio
Tsawwassen, BC and Newport, Wales

Katie and Peter | Yellowpoint, BC | September 2012

katie peter.jpg

We were so pleased to have Caity photograph our wedding. Her subtle and gentle personality suited us perfectly, and her great skill of photography is reflected in every shot. Her magic is that she is completely unobtrusive yet at the same time, right there with you. We recommend Caity whole-heartedly.

-Katie and Peter

Selecting the right photographer for a very special occasion is not easy. Capturing those precious moments for posterity is so important as you only get one opportunity.  Our family is so pleased that we chose Caity to capture some of the moments of this very memorable day for us.  She has “the eye” for photography and she also brings to the table a calm, patient presence. She was organized, had great ideas for backdrops and was on time with the delivery of the incredible photos. The images she produced were crystal clear, imaginative and varied.   These photos will be treasured for decades in our family and I thank Caity for her amazing gift.

– Margot Allen, Mother of the Bride