let's get swept away...
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Mary and Ryan, Married May 24, 2014 - Bird's Eye Cove Farm

She was gorgeous. She was gentle. And she was warm. Her bridesmaids. equally as beautiful seemed excited and adorably nervous. Wearing men’s baggy shirts, the girls laughed, opened their gifts, and waited. Downstairs, as the hustle and bustle tamed, a little rustic-vintage world emerged. At every corner there was something gorgeous to ‘pintrest’ you. A chair full of handmade quilted blankets in case it cooled down, a home made photo-booth made by the groom, rocking chairs, lace, burlap, quotes, and a candy station to the envy of Willy Wonka himself.  Every last detail had been perfected. Personalized. Vintage everything. Rustic-chic galore.  Bird’s Eye Cove farm had no shortage of beautiful backdrops, breath-taking bluffs,  rolling roads, romantic fields, a rusty old barn, and plenty of livestock – a photographer’s dream. Five minutes down the road they climbed through a fence and frolicked in a field surrounded by long grass, and buttercups. Mary and Ryan and Nala, the dog, their first look at each other just before the ceremony. Her dress, a full length french lace gown had just the right amount of elegance and country charm. It was a custom design by Merly Bayona of Ellebay Bridal Boutique, now named after Mary.  

The ceremony was sweet. Ryan nervously stumbling though his verses, clearly taken by the gorgeous woman about to become his wife. 

Games and candy buffet entertained the guests between the ceremony and reception. Guests were overjoyed with all the details all dreamt up by the Mother of the Bride and perfectly arranged by helpful family members. The day went swiftly and flowed into an evening of good food, celebration & a lot of laughing.

Just when guests wondered how the bride and groom were getting to their honeymoon, the helicopter arrived! It seemed fitting as Mary’s dad is a pilot, previously with Helijet. Guests blew bubbles as the bride and groom walked down the path to the pond. The guests watched on as Mr.&Mrs. Renkema flew by the crowd waving and departed into the sunset!